Arc del triomf paris

Erected on request of Napoleon, los Arc de Triomphe (triumphal arch) is one of ns most renowned monuments in Paris. Besides los aesthetic factors due to los beauty of ns building and the visión general of the ciudad capital it offers, los Arc después Triomphe is also critical historical symbol, de verdad link between los old and modern Paris.

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Located on los former « Place de l’Étoile » (Star square) – now Place charles de Gaulle – named delaware the twelve avenues that surround the monument y form un star, the Arc del Triomphe was developed on Napoléon demand after the famous fight of Austerlitz (1805) , considered as his armed forces ” masterpiece”.

The purpose of ns Arch to be to perpetuate los memory of the victories of los French army. Los first rock was to adjust on August quince of 1806, and the monument finished treinta years later, in 1836.

Before the expansion of parís in 1860, the land on which to be built the monument to be on ns border of the city, y had privileged access to ns residence of los Emperor, ns Tuileries Palace, situated at the end of Champs Elysées. In addition to being a memorial , ns Arc ese Triomphe was also ns showy gate set up to welcome Napoleon y his troops back from battles.

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The Arc del Triomphe can be saw day y night. While some prefer los daytime 360 ° panorama, others swear just by the lights of los ” paris by Night” show. Uno conflict we can’t deal with for you!

Simply wisely pick your día to completely enjoy los views representar the terrace. You will also find inside los building a museo tracing regreso the history of ns Arc ese Triomphe. An interesting added visit.

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Among ns various decorations adorning ns Arc del Triomphe , do no miss :

Le Départ muerte Volontaires en 1792 (The exit of the Volunteers of 1792) , likewise known together la Marseillaise , representing the French people in their diversity (revolutionary, royalist y Bonapartist) going with each other to battle. Un republican french icon, developed under rey Louis philip in 1833.

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The attic ( top of los Arc ): treinta shields on which space engraved the names of ns great war of the Revolution y the Empire. War you will also see on the large arcades. 


2 times A YEAR, AN impressive SUNSET

Finally, keep in mind that dos times uno year, the sol sets in the exact center of los arch, phenomenon you have the right to enjoy from the Champs- Elysées. This breathtaking vision occurs in May y August.