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The role of ns lifetime! Becky G has nothing but great memories around working ~ above 2017’s Power Rangers y representing the LGBTQ community with her character.

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was such uno big deal for me as an actress,” Becky G, 24, exclusively told Us Weekly top top Thursday, might 20, while mirroring on she character los Yellow power Ranger a.k.a. Trini Kwan’s onscreen struggle con her sexuality.

As ns first queer hero in ns franchise, ns “Shower” singer didn’t take it her role lightly.


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“Knowing that my character mattered ,” she explained. “I wanted her to be ns true enjoy of someone that is discovering more about herself. On optimal of that, gift this duty of, like, saving ns world y being uno superhero, but making sure she to be . Trini was, like, a real girl — a verdadero girl in high school, figuring fuera de who she is and where she going con her life.”

The “Pam pam pam” singer, who has actually partnered with Michelob extremadamente for their movement Live experience later on this month, provided that she felt a sense of duty to represent her Latin community, which hasn’t traditionally been associated with superheroes on screen.

“All me gustaría really had farming up was, like, Dora the Explorer. Shoutout come Dora — she’s a verdadero one — but we never had, like, uno princess really to look up to or superhero come look increase to,” Becky G said. “And so, come be uno female latino superhero representing somebody that was questioning she sexuality, i just feeling so badass, honestly. Identificación was for this reason honored to jugar that character.”

She psychic wanting come tell Trini’s story to ns best of her abilities therefore viewers could really connect.

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Becky G in ‘Power Rangers.’ Kimberly French/Lionsgate/Kobal/Shutterstock

“I think what she was suffering isn’t something the you just despierta up and know. And even if you did, it’s no something that’s easy to talk about especially at her period given the area she prospered up in y also the cultural situations that she thrived up in,” she continued. “And so simply making it just very, an extremely honest and raw, like, for ns individuals who review that Trini, castle knew. Y for civilization who didn’t, that went right gastos generales their heads. And I think the that was what was yes, really honest about her character.”

The A-X-L actress revealed that fanes have ongoing to come up to her y tell castle their own fan theories around Trini y what they want to happen next.

“I hear every kinds that things. Fanes are so funny. They’re, like, ‘I’m wait for the day where Trini has to choose in between Kimberly (Naomi Scott) and Zack (Ludi Lin) and she has to personaje out who she’s going to be with,’” she recalled. “They’re always talking about uno sequel y when is the going come come?”

While fanes are holding out hope for an ocasionaleliminación sequel, Becky G is “thankful” because that everything ns movie provided her, consisting of “amazing friendships” y creating uno “turning point” in her career.



“As ns young latina living alone for the first time, was such un big deal. It was my first time living in my own apartment, living in another nación away from my family. And I will constantly be thankful for what that was,” she told Us. “And as far as, like, what fans hope — what’s really cool is that Power Rangers ns franchise is what it is. They’re more than likely going to execute so many more things with it and more Power Rangers will come.”

‘Power Rangers.’The Gnome Alone actress added: “The an excellent thing about it is, it can have been anybody under the mask y in that suit and that’s why ns so thankful to have actually been uno part that such uno cool project.”

Becky G has a lot to be thankful for due to the fact that she starred in Power Rangers, one of which is she partnership with Michelob ultra for their activity Live: Friends and Familia email workout following on Wednesday, may 26.

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“It’s basically, like, a workout with some miscellaneous special individuals. I’m going come have a special small my man, Sebastian , who is a soccer player, ,” she told Us. “I want to inspire ns families at patria to work el fin together. It’s simply one that those points where i would hope that los energy is so contagious enough that world feel favor they’re not functioning out, but by the end of it, through the next day, they feel the soreness. Y they’re, like, ‘Wow, i actually walk that. I earned the Michelob ultra for the end of los workout.’”

For more information on Michelob Ultra’s motion Live experience, clic here.

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