Cruz de la muela

With mine husband Olli-Pekka and our 3 dogs we live in gran Alacant y enjoy los brilliant Mediterranean climate and possibility of discovering nuevo hiking paths all gastos generales our Alicante province and sometimes even uno bit further.

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Ironically, identificación have ns fear the heights, but identificación love ns views desde tops of los mountains too much to continue to be away. Our dogs are getting older for this reason all los hikes should be perfect for them also as they constantly go on our adventures with us. Identificación also love photography and always take fill of pictures representar our hikes.

This month we decided to visit the cruz de la Muela i m sorry offers most spectacular views.

How to acquire there: ns trail us took to the cross starts desde the middle of the street calles Alicante M Pinar, 14, 03316 Orihuela, Alicante. Insert the to your Google Maps y you need to drive over there in 40-45 minutes from Gran Alacant.

Don’t andar up the street towards los hill. Ns route starts towards los lemon trees. Continue los street carreteras Orense M Pinar to los campo and that’s where los trail is. After you acquire on ns right path, it’s really well marked. If you space unsure if you’ll discover it, go during the weekend. Identificación bet there’s lots of world walking towards the lemon trees.

I found some very interesting background of los cross online: the cross is made of iron y weighs 1,200 kg. Dimensions are 14,8 meters in height, almost 8 meters that arms, supported by a cement basen of 1.60 meters.

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The cross has actually been associated to los Dominican Valencian saint Vicente Ferrer, who in un sermon, in his passage v Orihuela in 1411, have said: “Devout Oriolans, mine children, me gustaría am particular that on that high mountain dwell countless demons, who con their infernal shrewd will cause innumerable spiritual y temporal ruins amongst you. If you want to be complimentary of them, place there ns sovereign banner of the Most divine Cross”.It is not well-known if ns cross to be originally developed on land y then taken on ns top of the mountain or if it was carved representar a irpari olive tree on the same top. However, we need to wait until mil setecientos quince to have a reference of ns first wood cross.

Time y man has damaged the symbol on an ext than one occasion. Los Blessed Oriolino Inocencio Carretero propose in mil novecientos diez the to produce of ns large stole cross, i m sorry disappeared during los years that the civil war. In mil novecientos cuarenta y dos it was put again, (of iron) until los 2nd of January in mil novecientos ochenta y cinco it was mysteriously cut by “uncontrolled barbarians” and thrown from the top.

That same year it was rebuilt by generalizado demand y placed over there again by an army helicopter.

We think this is un very interesting place y a very nice hike. We climbed to 465m above the ser level. It took us 2 hours and cuarenta minutes desde the automóvil to be back at ns car. Coming debajo took us about 1 hour. Mental you, we caminar with 3 dogs y take division to drink water.

The area where the cross is kind of small y it has some steep hills looking down. Identificación admit los first hora got virtually panicky. Siguiente times it to be easier.

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The views desde this hike are spectacular y city of Orihuela is near by soI recommend to have un stroll over there too.

Next month we go on foot again.Hasta luego,Heidi & Olli

Check List:Always when going top top hikes check that:

Your Mobile phone call is completely chargedWater – climbing up is hard job & friend will need itSnacks (Remember to take all los garbage espalda down with you!)Have an excellent shoes because that walkingHave small first aid kit con youHave layered clothes. Up hill can be– very windy y cold, even on uno warm day.– Coming down might be chilly, so adicional dry– t-shirt to readjust into if required is not un bad idea