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Since you space on this site, friend should have the ability to find and download the Shanghai: Dynasty juego without any type of issue. This PC juego is ns latest relax in los Card & board Game category. The estudio chose Dec 31, mil novecientos noventa y siete date to launch this nuevo PC juego globally.

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Shanghai: empire Overview

Game:Genre:Developer:Publisher:Released on:Platforms:Age Ratings:Score:Languages:Player’s Perspectives:Game Modes:Themes:
Shanghai: Dynasty
Card & tablero Game
Quicksilver Software
Dec 31, 1997
PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac
Mature (PEGI 12)
7.4 fuera of 10
English, Greek, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Roman
Bird watch / Isometric
Single player, Multiplayer

About Shanghai: Dynasty

The Shanghai: empire PC juego is going to it is in an amazing adventure for you and your friends. About 17480 number buyers believe it is ns perfect PC game for kids. The TPP gaming setting makes gameplay rather user-friendly in this game.


Shanghai: Dynasty consists of nine themed tilesets, new puzzle modes including “Pandamonium” y “Dynasty”, streamlined Shanghai because that kids, y true Chinese mahjong (not los Western tile-matching variety) with any mix that AI or real players via LAN or modem.

provide this Action-Adventure-themed PC juego a shot if you wish to complete some of ns toughest challenges designed because that seasoned gamers. One astonishing 17610 participants have assessed and reviewed this computadora game.

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try to jugar this PC game on communication like pc (Microsoft Windows), Mac, if you want to protect against lagging. This juego was around the world released ~ above Dec 31, mil novecientos noventa y siete and thousands of civilization tried the within a few weeks.

It’s a decently do PC juego with decent reviews from tres mil novecientos cuarenta y tres users. No need to worry about its performance due to the fact that it acquired 92.77 el fin of 100 ratings from users.


This video game has gained uno huge popularity since it’s based on ns Card & board Game genre. It ended up being way far better when the nuevo premium in-game items came with ns latest update on Oct 02, 2019 date.

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Enjoy ns friendly competition with your girlfriend in los multiplayer mode of los game. The presents los most entertaining challenges during los gameplay y that’s why it’s followed by 17412 social media users.

You have the right to download this game representar below.