I work con leaders y teams come make readjust happen with creating interaction that is both clear and meaningful.

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I began my journey functioning as a humanidad rights lawyer with verdadero changemakers in international organisations. Representar informal meetings in los corridors of los United naciones to closed-door sessions and leadership workshops, me gustaría quickly realised that world follow the best stories.

Over ns years since then I’ve worked with different organisations, companies y governments producing narratives of change that civilization can feel part of.

From tecnología start-ups to invest companies y environmental organisations, I’ve assisted businesses prosper by connecting with ns narrative that’s both true to themselves y aligns con how their customers want to change the world.

MY finish STORY

- principles -


I have ns PhD in international Law and worked for an ext than dos decades in international advocacy and as ns lecturer in humanidad rights for peak universities in ns UK.

I’ve sat down with people desde different backgrounds, cultures y ideologies, come advance human rights agendas y successfully work on highly sensitive issues.


Communication happens as soon as you are all set to listen and embrace difference.

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A narrative and a article that can be trusted is no fabricated to it is in liked but crafted to it is in followed, very first by you, and only climate by the people you want to carry on board.


I work with narratives that carry purpose and profit together.

My clients align with ns viewthat organisations and businesses must create value because that society y have a sociedad function to fulfil.

How i work

Narratives, conversations, stories and messages are tools because that finding typical ground, not recipea because that convincing human being to do things they don’t want to do.

Storytelling and communication is an arte grounded in interdependence and interconnection. Before trying to to convince or guide anybody of something, we need to find what we have in common. That’s why good stories y narratives work: they carry us closer together.

For that reason i work not desde a template however rather based upon principles. Narratives and messages need to thrive organically and stay alive quite than being addressed on a piece that paper. They should change y evolve if they space to meet people where castle are.

Applying historia thinking to interaction requires un different mindset. We require to get used come embracing ns subjective gastos generales the objective, ns emotional gastos generales the rational, y the collective over the individual.

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The main three elements that my processes are :

The purpose y values that define why you execute what you do, and your guiding principles,

The narrative at los core of her organisation that helps friend to supply your purpose;

Your story, which permits you to affix emotionally with los people you desire to carry on board.