El salto de angel

The Angel falls is one of ns highest waterfall in los world with a height of 979 meters and ochocientos siete meters that uninterrupted flow in ns auyantepuy. El baile del Ángel is located in ns Canaima national Park in the Bolivar State.

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The Angel falls is one of the highest waterfalls in los world with un height of novecientos setenta y nueve meters and 807 meters the uninterrupted circulation in ns Auyantepuy.El baile del Ángel is situated in ns Canaima país Park in los Bolívar State, Venezuela. The is a protected naturalmente area created as a nacional park since June 12, 1962 and declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in mil novecientos noventa y cuatro that extends gastos generales an area of an ext than 30,000 cuadrado kilometers.


It also has a territorial extension raza to Belgium.Its boundaries are Brazil y the region of Esequibo, which is right now being reclaimed.In its recognized exploration, Angel drops was known by the indigenous world of los region.The exploration of los waterfall, however, is deadline to ns Spanish explorers Felix Cardona Puig and Juan Maria Mundó Freixas, who were the first europe to check out Angel falls in 1927.


In los part the tourism, El salto de los Ángel is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Venezuela however even in ~ present un trip come this falls of los Paradise is no a simple trip since the area is quite isolated by ns weights jungle y the "Tepuyes" provides dangerous the aire navigation. Even though it"s not sencillo to take un trip there, the is feasible to come at los region by a a vuelo in brillante aircraft representar Caracas or Bolivar ciudad to come at a acampar in Canaima.

Other tourists favor to reach los Falls of heaven by various other more natural ways through crossing the jungle by ns waterways until you can reach the basen of the Fall.El baile del point of view was recognized in generalizado and visión de conjunto culture as an inspiration of ns fictitious tropical in the 2009 Disney Pixar american animated película "Up".

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The película "Up" won dos Oscars and it is called "Salto Paraiso" or "Paradise Falls" in reference to los Angel drops in Venezuela.The run of the bailar de los Ángel is ns highest waterfall of ns planet y is one of ns most beautiful locations that can exist.

This waterfall is even diecinueve times greater than Niagara Falls.Angel falls is located specifically in the Canaima país Park in the estado of Bolivar in Venezuela, that is a protected area that has an area of much more than 300,000 km that extend to the southeast the Venezuela in ns Guiana shield.

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Currently considering different facets with the situation the Venezuela that is essential to emphasize the due to los political instance that Venezuela is going through, there is ns lot the insecurity both in ns capital y in the doméstica of ns country, so, it is not advisable to walk to "El salto El Ángel" since there are numerous risks that suffering uno robbery as result of insecurity.