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no ns two supposedly met through mutual friends. Getty imagenes no according to ns couple"s cover story for GQ, neither jenner nor Scott "can mental where, exactly, they first met."Both go admit, however, that zener was convinced Scott didn"t favor her in ~ first.

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"We always knew each other, choose we to be hanging around each other — me gustaría mean, we just had mutual friends," she claimed in ns video because that GQ. "But we never ever really had uno conversation because i thought that he didn"t choose me."

no While ns couple didn't confirm their relationship until august 2015, most world assume that the couple began dating ns year prior. Craig Barritt/Getty images

Rumors started to swirl when entusiastas realized Tyga had not made an illustration on Jenner"s social mitad since Valentine"s día of the year.

Later in the month, Tyga"s ex-fianceé Blac Chyna heavily suggested in a Snapchat rant that he had actually been cheating ~ above Jenner, as reported by Cosmopolitan.

"Multiple sources" confirmed the split to world in early April. At the time, these resources framed los break-up as un brief separation — i beg your pardon seemed continuous with the couple"s on-and-off relationship.

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"They tend to take little breaks all los time y then get regreso together," claims one iiwallpapers.com."It"s definitely possible they"ll work-related things fuera de again."

Jenner later on opened increase about ns split ~ above an illustration of "Life that Kylie," stating that los two will "always have ns bond."

"There to be absolutely nothing wrong con me y T," she revealed. "There was alguna crazy fight. We chose — well, me gustaría decided — that I"m really young. Me gustaría don"t want to look back in five years representar now y feel like he take it something representar me, as soon as he"s really no that type of person."

kyliejenner/Instagram no

Coachella wasn"t exactly los couple"s an initial date — yet rather "a hang the went well," follow to los couple"s cover story for GQ. Fan photos revealed that Jenner and Scott to be holding hands as castle roamed los grounds of ns famous música festival.

Asource told human being at the time that the two had actually been "a thing" before y "friends for ns while" — but likewise implied the their flirtation was designed to do Tyga jealous.In reality, the two simply "hit the off" and had instant chemistry, according to Jenner"s former ideal friend Jordyn Woods.

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Jenner opened up about los beginning the their partnership toGQ and revealed that, after Coachella, she spontaneously decided to sign up with Scott top top his tour.

"He said, "I"m going espalda on tourism — what execute we desire to do aboutthis?" because we obviously preferred each other," she said. "And me gustaría was like, "I guess: v I"m going with you" ... Y then we rode off into los sunset."


Photos desde the game were los only persons of los couple made easily accessible to ns public until after their daughter to be born. No beto Levey/Getty imagen no

An eyewitness toldPeoplethat ns two were holding hands and cuddling. The onlooker also included that jenner was kissing Scott"s neck and seemed prefer "she wanted people to check out them together."

"During his performance, Kylie to be hiding in ns Rockets" courtside club anxiously waiting for him come come regreso to her. When he acquired back, they absolutely looked like uno couple, cuddled up next to each other among her friends," ns source said People. "They haven"t let go of every other due to the fact that he acquired off los court."