Food Safety In Vietnam

Foods in Vietnam are not always safe as they look, especially in street small shops & vendors’ load

Foods in Vietnam are not always safe as they look, especially in street small shops and vendors’ load.

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Since the price of materials rose up in recent years, many shops must reduce cost lớn maintain their profit. This leads lớn the decrease of safety rate in street foods.

It is quite adventurous lớn consume street foods in Vietnam nowadays. A bowl of “Pho” or “Bun Rieu” (vermicelli with crab soup) can make you down quite easily. With “Pho”, it is not too easy lớn have problem except for the half-done beef, but vermicelli is not too safe to lớn eat, especially the raw vegetables served with the bowl. In small shops along the street, they rarely clean the vegetables well due to lớn the lack of time, thus far can cause serious problem since vegetables in Vietnam are full of insecticide, sometimes more than the allowed ratio. Many people believe that vermicelli is not perfect without raw vegetables, but it is not a wise choice khổng lồ have it in small shops or from vendors. Better to have it in restaurant or at home, with well-clean vegetables. Another thread is fried and roasted food along some markets, lượt thích pork, bird, chicken and duck. The coal they use for roasting produces too much smoke for the meat, can cause cancer in the future, và the seasons for those meats sometimes contains chemical colors which are banned. Moreover, Vietnamese people love to eat pig’s và duck’s blood, & this is another thread of stomach problem.


Sweets, cakes và drinks are no exception. Sweet soups in Vietnam are sold in street shops, and rarely cover before transfer to customers, thus far contain so much dust and other stuffs. The sells just let all the materials in different bowl, và mix them together whenever customers request.

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Moreover, some sweet soup materials once found has origin from chemicals, lượt thích polymer (material for producing money). Deep fried cakes are cooked with old oil, & people keep using the oil until it turns black. Sugar added in cakes is chemical one which has so much sweeter taste than the natural one, by this seller can reduce the cost. Nevertheless, the oil absorbs much dust from the street through the day and that dust comes lớn the cakes easily. Milk they use to lớn produce street cakes is directly taken from cows without any clean treatment. Drinks, likewise, have their own threat for customer’s belly. Sugarcane juice, one of the most popular drinks of Vietnam, contains many dangerous elements. First, the machines the sellers use khổng lồ extract the juice from sugarcane are not always clean. Sometime it can be old, dirty or even rusty in details. Second, the sugarcanes are not clean before go lớn the machines, và the ice cubes they địa chỉ cửa hàng to the cup is not safe at all. The only trusted address to lớn drink this wonderful juice is Shake, a famous brand with many options for consumers to add to the cup, lượt thích mint, strawberry, apple, mango…

In general, if you are afraid of having problem with your belly, you really should go to lớn big restaurants, or trusted address to lớn have a meal. Otherwise, you should take some medicine before or after enjoying Vietnamese street foods to your heart’s content. Yet, feel miễn phí to eat your desired foods as most Vietnamese do that every day và hardly vì anyone get trouble with street foods. An experience is absolutely worth, you know that right?