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Classical Sampler
un collection of timeless tracks recorded by Kevin MacLeod under los Creative Commons Attribution license. Renowned pieces, including ricardo Strauss" additionally Sprach Zarathustra , y Tchaikovsky"s run of the calle Plum Fairy, clear up in nicely amongst Kevin Macleod"s own compositions. Discovered at . Favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( uno reviews ) Source:
favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( uno reviews ) Source:
Ex Military
favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( uno reviews ) Source:
Debut album that TerbujurKaku is un remix album fuses extendido dangdut/disco koplo songs with breakcore and drum n" bass. Disko/dangdut koplo is a extendido underground modern dance musicin Indonesia, similar like techno brega in Brazil. Source:
ns Phreezound Orchestra is job of original música 100% comprised of sounds sourced representar the website. Los intention to be to usar the distinta sounds y create new pieces that can quite perhaps be played by an actual orchestra/band. Special many thanks to all los original musicians/uploaders for their work. 1. Tuning up performances through timcam | sleep | ordrosik | lmr9 | andyab | xserra | WIM | Robinhood76 | gelo_papas | IEDlabs 2. Meet the Phreezound Orchestra performances by...
an excellent Jazz selections desde Kevin MacLeod"s royalty-free an imaginative Commons licensed website . Favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( uno reviews ) Source:
ns Four seasons (Italian: Le quattro stagioni ) is uno set of 4 violin concertos by Antonio Vivaldi. Composed in 1723, ns Four periods is Vivaldi"s best-known work, and is among los most extendido pieces of Baroque music. The texture of each concerto is varied, every resembling its particular season. Because that example, "Winter" is peppered con silvery pizzicato notes desde the high strings, calling come mind icy rain, conversely, "Summer" evokes un thunderstorm in its final movement,... Favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 8 reviews ) Source:
Did somebody order ns pizza? Or, go someone need their sinks...unclogged? Whatever. Ns plot doesn"t really matter. I"m here. Let"s bang silicone in soft focus. Grunts. Yeahs. Cue ns porn music. Right here we have the first entrance in los wildly popular, wildly erotic "Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka" series, gift by los venerable Comfort was standing Recordings . It"s a simple concept rápido have a bunch of international recording artists hacer their own version of the barely noticeable yet totally... Source:
favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( tres reviews ) Source:
now you will have the ability to hear this unique and extraordinary phenomenon for yourself, as Irdial-Discs releases ns CONET PROJECT: ns first an extensive collection of numbers Stations recordings released to the public. This Quadruple CD is an essential historical reference work-related for research into this hitherto unreported and unknown zona of espionage. The cd contain ciento cincuenta recordings extending the last twenty years; taken desde the private iiwallpapers.coms of specialized shortwave radio listeners representar around... Source:
This música was make as part of ns commission to create música utilising binaural beats. Every of these tracks are designed to bring mind activity gradually debajo to los level that deep relaxation. Favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 1 reviews ) Source:
This is a nuevo recording the J.S. Bach’s Goldberg Variations, BWV 988. Tape-recorded by Kimiko Ishizaka on uno Bösendorfer 290 Imperial in los Teldex Studio, Berlin, created by Anne-Marie Sylvestre, this recording is ns first fan-funded, open up source, and completely totally free recording ever before produced. Every part of it is totally free for you come use, share, y copy. Via Open Goldberg Variations task favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 2 reviews ) Source:
ns PERFORMERS Dr. Wilhelm Cutter, Director, presents los MIT Concert Choir, December 2, 2006, Kresge Auditorium, MIT. Featuring: David Collins, pianist Joshua Li, baritone Stephan Jung, baritone Daniel Cunningham, baritone miguel Johnson, base Sudeep Agarwala, tenor Elisabeth Hon, soprano ns WORK Carmina Burana is a scenic cantata composed by cuchillo Orff in mil novecientos treinta y cinco and 1936. It is based on veinticuatro of los secular poems found in ns medieval repertoire Carmina Burana arranged into a libretto, largely in... Favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 1 reviews ) Source:
2nd album that zuhn in ese EMES most successful grandest many diabolical los previous hear to this tiny marvel Source:
paul Ribot"s second release on S27 comes in los form of an homage to los Science retro-futuristic fiction genre that film and television. "Sci-Fi Vol.1" is ns first instalment of a forthcoming tres volumes coming over the next few months and the cosa featured top top this segment is taken representar iiwallpapers.coms of musical created, composed and produced by pablo Ribot between 2007 and 2008. It additionally features un brilliant blend of Electronic musical fusing facets of glitch-hop, jazz and... Source:
We desafío YOU to take uno well-known and loved piece of timeless music and MAKE that COOL AGAIN (or weirder, or slower, or whatever you want)! challenge runs desde March 9th until April 3rd. All compositions come from the windy domain y are put espalda into ns public domain using uno CC0 patent . 
Songs because that Christmas! IT"S CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS TIME, NOT los ONE that COMES IN NOVEMBER!  Source:
an excellent PLANET (1973) directed by rené Laloux La Planète sauvage AKA wonderful Planet is a surrealist story based on the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia. Collection in ns far distant world human beings or "Oms"have been domesticated by the gigantic Draags. Wild cuya however are un problem and are exterminated by ns dozen. One domesticated om Terr is able come escape his master with a headset the puts information straight into ns brain. Armed now with the Draags tecnología he leads... Favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( uno reviews ) Source:
WFMU y the Free musical are challenging songwriters almost everywhere to unseat “Happy date of birth to You” from it’s cultural throne through composing possible replacements. The Birthday Song dispute seeks a few new Happy birthday songs that space simple y catchy, with great earworm potential that deserve to be sung in restaurants, bowling alleys, and even in tv shows and movies – free of charge. The song "Happy birthday To You" is los most recognizable song in los English... Favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( uno reviews ) Source:
Robbie"s debut CD was los surprise fight of "96, and served an alert that a) país Music walk NOT have to suck b) that he was a top-notch songwriter y performer y c) things in ns underground país scene were never ever going come be los same. Truly ns bar had actually been raised. Uno classic. Let"s permit Robbie explicar it: "13 original país songs with an early 50"s manufacturing aesthetic (hot vocals, durable bass, live important tracks) and arrangement, reviving certain species of songs long abandoned... Source:
recorded in February dos mil cuatro and exit in January 2009, this is iot"s swan song, rounding el fin a trilogy that albums spanning over ten years. Source:
" This eerie netrelease come courtesy that newish French imprint La Manufacture de Bruit, which translates as ns Factory the Noise (thank you net translator). Researching this duo, comprising David Vallée and Stéphane F was un bit of uno task and I definitely don’t recommend blindly typing artículo Mortem Photographs into Google. Still, they got my attention and I’m glad me gustaría investigated further. This record is split into ocho movements y one 12 second interlude y focuses on the duo’s... Favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 1 reviews ) Source:
Classwar Karaoke was, is and will be. As soon as it was, it to be centrally a serie of large quarterly surveys that music y film, published each February, May, August and November, desde May 2008, until a finalmente grand 34th iteration at ns very nearby of 2016. This huge repository ranges over outlets such as Free music, YouTube y Internet, con fragments y remnants dotted around los now effectively defunct or forgotten MySpace, Sonic Squirrel, Reverbnation and LastFM, con total...
AN Eel, kris Tonelli y Furchick : SOrrr Y i m really sorry Sorry for ns Confusion 16-PARAL-LEL : un double-deaf trial dubbed PARAL-LEL: numerous artists/musicians were invite to contribute one or more tracks of about tres minutes which room randomly combined. Editing (minimal) and mix through Hopek Quirin and Kris Limbach. This is an outcome number dieciséis of los experiment: 16-PARAL-LEL ñ Jacki Engelken (guitar), ese Gorilla Knurr (cut-ups), Hopek Quirin (bass) / 16-PARAL-LEL was played "deaf" live in...
Brazillian pianist Felipe Sarro performs original works by german Baroque composer Johann Sebastian Bach , and nine transcriptions the Bach"s work for piano by Russian composer alejandro Ilyich Siloti . Sarro perform all pieces on un Grotrian-Steinweg Concertino piano. There are gastos generales 1,000 recognized compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). Ns Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis (Bach functions Catalogue) is a numbering device identifying his compositions. The prefix BWV, followed by los work"s... Source:
Twelve años ago, ns vintage recordings website Dawn the Sound released uno compact disc arsenal of publicly domain at an early stage recording artefacts called voces of Christmas past . The recordings to be cylinders y acetates from mil ochocientos noventa y ocho to 1922. Every year after the release, los website was inundated with requests for los CD. When it was fuera of print, Dawn of Sound exit it en línea for free. Apart desde the religious material, there space some fun winter-themed treats, two pieces representar Tchaikovsky"s... Source:
Polish task Krabatof Philharmonic Orchestra presents un dark approximately noise album con it"s very own mini-site . Covering artwork by andre Coelho .
Arbiter records brings friend an excerpt representar one of their latest timeless world música albums. Taishikichô Chôshi is a particular style that Japanese Gagaku musical (traditional Japanese imperial Court Music), videotaped in 1941. Other works on the album include mulitiple arrays of Gagaku música as fine as classic Buddhist sutras. Los whole album have the right to be purchased on-line at Qualiton Imports Ltd . Source:
los Owl is the música project by composer y musician Daria Shakhova. This música played los piano, and wrapped in the sound of un string quartet. Every composition is a música picture that describes ns feelings, ns beauty of nature y darkness, light and magic. In 2014 she exit her an initial album "fairy forest", which tells about ns man shed in uno dark and gloomy woodland of his subconscious. ~ above his way he meets an viejo owl rápido owner of ns forest, that becomes his guide. Only by... Favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( uno reviews )
This distinct Christmas album is a project which, as reviewer Tom Lennie predicted, has actually become ns consistent favourite in plenty of households during los festive season. The is also ns name of a collective, a group of like-minded musicians and artists, some of whom show up on this album. Los choirs the Peterborough Cathedral, completamente band, the London Telefilmonic Orchestra, solo singers y instrumentalists y some the England’s ideal musicians have contributed to this beautiful interpretation of... Favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( uno reviews ) Source:
"These tracks are easily accessible to download because that free and use for your amusement or project. Please connect back, credit, share and drop me an email if you have used los tracks so me gustaría can admire them in action. Give thanks to you. An imaginative COMMONS: Attribution/ Non commercial You might download this tracks to listen to, remix y share, yet you should attribute Dexter brother as los composer/ writer and link back to an main Dexter brother website. You may not sell the works or your remixes or any type of other... Source:

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Jason Shaw"s musical is a great resource for anyone interested in utilizing CC licensed music in their siguiente project. This is un collection the his acoustic, folk, y country tracks. Favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( tres reviews ) Source:
desde test tube documents : This little EP is apparently influenced by viejo theatre projections of quiet movies representar the 20"s and 30"s. The quirky programmings and out-of-line samples make up for ns very curious and cinematographical, if interesting, release.» ( uno reviews ) Source:
M.W.D. Knows just how to melt funky guitar licks, short brass sounds and organ chords together, as clearly demonstrated top top this record! Source:
complicated to define Necktar dos mil diecisiete , but now that the third cycle is begin, you may have actually an idea of what it will become... Currently it is ns compilation that hors norme (not normal) musical for totally free sharing, articulated in several thematic episodes and cycles. For recognize what it will certainly be ultimately, unless we can travel through time, that won"t be until 2017. This volume is devoted to those who tell your life through their creations. Uno co-release (January 2015) by Le Colibri Necrophile /...
What"s in ours heads? music Video for Greener Pastures: monitor me on twitter, instagram, soundcloud y check el fin my other stuff if you"re searching for more. Constantly enjoy listening what someone thinks of the music.
dear friends of ns faction, or otherwise the its inescapable enhancements, the classwar karaoke y the precisions of its virtue ... Here, this time, we are 102 participants-strong, with noventa y uno pieces of música and veintitres short-films. We may accept this as respond to to los mere executive, or the primitively suffuse, and, quickly, in favour the ergo genome, eno-obscene-o ... Every those jape cloggers, in egg fripp and elsewhere. You re welcome love this variety ... 
"We great You a Merry Christmas " -papposo A secular sixteenth-century English carol from the West nación of inglaterra Performed by los U.S. Naval Corps Band, "The President"s Own," "Auld Lang Syne " composed in mil setecientos ochenta y ocho by escocés poet Robert burns it is set to the tune of a traditional people song. It is most often heard to celebrate the comienzo of the nuevo year at midnight on nuevo Year"s Day. Performed by los U.S. Naval Corps tape " far in uno Manger " is a religious... Source:
Download ns PDF booklet the liner notes, commentary, musician listings and artwork below . This is a simple documentary survey of un very particularmente time y place; un sliver of a lugares culture — do in imitation of, or perhaps as a salute to the work the musicologist, dick Spottswood, among our heroes. Ns best story can’t be told in this quantity of space, but here’s an outline: “ Richmond, or in any kind of Southern ciudad for the matter, you perform see varieties now y then which depart representar the...
Panta Rei is attributed come Heraticlus thoughts about change. Πάντα ῥεῖ (panta rei) meaning everything flows in ancient Greek. Y this is precisely what you gain in this album. Originally issued on ns Harvest brand in 1973, this is un wonderful stream of trippy hefty Swedish prog with an intensely groovy jazz-rock & fuzz oriented strategy that comes close to franco Zappa circa “Hot rats”, con some spacey-freaked-out atmospheres and an underlying Canterbury feel. The... Source:
new York Citys hall of reputation tread similar aesthetic waters as ns psyche people of Tower Recordings y the improvised partially composed musical of ns Dead C. Your debut is filled with primitive rhythms, droning violin, skipping records, unplugged electrical guitars, bowed cymbals, violin, drums, bass and a wealth of found sounds. Hall of Fame is composed of multi-instrumentalist Dan marrón (ex-Salmon Skin, God is mine Co-pilot), Samara Lubelski (ex-Salmon Skin, and current sona Pine) y artist Theo... Favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( uno reviews ) Source:
"The por último farewell. F500-COMP3 give thanks to you to ns artists who contributed and made what was originally just uno passing believed an regalo reality. Give thanks to you come the fans for your support. Love friend so much." -Fortune quinientos Video 2000: Nmesh: 情報デスクVIRTUAL: SYLLABUS: 猫 シ Corp.: BBRAINZ: 骨架的: Silver...
Vox Continental"s sound, distortion, effects pedals, mantras, saturation drums, hue changes, choirs ... Manzarek gather con Hendrix, con Harrison, con Moon ... To make un trip. It take it me a largo time to acquire close to psychedelia, bluntly. Specially when you think about that I"ve grown, musically, con it. Recognized not only by mine Beatlemania and "Hendrixmania". It"s los way to trato with los composition, to open doors y windows; to play y to investigate ... The strange feeling of... Source:
by remixing plain science lectures y documentaries with uplifting y exciting music, the serie puts a new spin on science, appeal to students, teachers, and laymen. Because its beginning in fall 2009, Symphony of Science has actually been featured on CNN, NPR, Wired, Adult Swim, y many an ext outlets. Ns videos have actually attracted over 30 million views online, result in the release of the first single, ns Glorious Dawn, on jack White"s 3rd Man documents label, as well as Best Of and Collector"s...
Dubophonic has actually turned towards Cyprus this time and to the lugares artists, introducing one of the most active Cypriot artists in los reggae scene. Producer & riddim maker med Dred has always been into music, addicted desde the joven age the 7, un good 20+ años ago! He is among those artists, who room passionate con their music. Studied in los United Kingdom city & Guilds (Sound Engineer), the Cypriot artist climate went turn off to additional his researches with a Bachelor’s degree in Texas and a... Favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 1 reviews ) Source:
identificación wish come announce that... How did a vintage jazz/blues collector obtain involved with Fortyone? Well, ns little much more than uno year ago, me gustaría was poking around on the Web, looking for unusual viejo sounds come download (I"m particularly interested in cosas from the setenta y ocho RPM era). I stumbled upon los Comfort stand site, y was delighted by Fortyone"s various Mayonnaise E.P. ... His choice of sampled sounds made me laugh. Identificación emailed him... Y we"ve to be swapping emails y CDs ever since. (Some material...
01) AN EeL "Sacred y Profane" 02) 03_Elements "03" 03) 6 or 7 "Orang Outan my Dear" 04) 7 i me gustaría "Q" 05) AG Davis and Anthony Donovan "Poe, Clicks" 06) AG Davis "Crowds" 07) Agnieszka kie Nienawidzi "Niewierzacy Zdalnego" 08) Ambient towel "I to be There" 09) Antonio de braguita "Black Cat" 10) Antonio Munoz teléfono Furstenberg "William Atta" 11) Arthur enrique Fork "Turd" 12) Astma feat. Els Vandeweyer "Magnitofon" 13) Ayato y Natalia Kamia "Voce Mental" 14) Bagband "Staiger Edit" 15) Balkh "In...
initial score for the 2008 Sacha Goedegebure quick film, big Buck hare . Source:
It"s un hot evening rápido the atmósfera hardly moves - you feel together if girlfriend are having trouble breath ... Uno thin sheen the sweat covers your body, but an also heavier weight presses debajo on you —apoyándose a heavy urge that appears to come representar the deepest recesses of your brain. Un small, white hot iluminar inside of you the grows brighter and brighter until it seems to take gastos generales your every thought. You progressively walk over the cabinet/drawer/closet/box y reach inside, grasping for that object which cd driver you. Removing... Source:
Eros et Psyche recorded live January 6th 2008 at los Salle Paderewski Lausanne, Switzerland Words: Adrian Rachieru, Edith Naegelli-Hoesli Music: lee Maddeford Direction: Florence Grivat Choeur Calliope Soloists: Berengere Mastrangelo Pascal Schopfer franco Semelet Celine Nidegger Viviane gay Martine Burnier Source:
from YACHT"s Unveiling "Shangri-La" “Shangri-La” to be produced, mixed, recorded, and performed by Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans with our frequent collaborator y touring member Bobby Birdman, at ns Marfa record Company, Jackpot! Studios, and in our short-lived living soldier in los Angeles, California. With “Shangri-La,” us assert that los future is un blank slate ~ above which anything can be imposed. Sky is kinetic potential, un latency en us that has been eaten... Source:
"These tracks are easily accessible to download for free y use for your amusement or project. Please link back, credit, share and drop me an email if you have actually used the tracks so me gustaría can excellent them in action. Dando your appreciation y like me on facebook , thank you. An innovative COMMONS: Attribution/ no Commercial You might download this tracks to listen to, remix and share, yet you should attribute Dexter brothers as the composer/ writer and link trasero to an official Dexter brothers website.... Source:

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