Iberia festival benidorm 2018

With ns arrival of October come one of los most essential events because that Benidorms nacional tourism. We room without uno doubt talking about the VII edition of ns Iberia Festival, the most extendido pop-rock festival in los town, i beg your pardon brings hundreds of rockers to los coastal town of Benidorm.

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Year delaware year, the Iberia Festival has un great affect on ns national music field y there space many human being who take advantage of the, fiesta of calor long weekend, to enjoy a visit to Benidorm y enjoy the música of great artists. Famous groups together as de los hombres G, Estopa, Loquillo, M-Clan, Dani Martín, Rosendo and a largo list that expands each year, along con larger numbers of fans who come to Benidorm to comienzo the autumn with ns best music.


Once again, iiwallpapers.com, will be ns official sponsors of los festival. Specifically, los Hotel Torre Dorada, which will certainly be los official hotel for this version of los festival, you can book los duo pack, which has admission for the two days of the festival, bed y breakfast, and bus come travel from the hotel to the festividad on both days. Showing exactly how at all times we are committed to ns town of Benidorm y its festivals.

Do no wait to largo to book, this market is for limited rooms!

What days are ns Iberia Festival 2019 celebrated?

This year ns date favored for the festividad will it is in Friday 11th y Saturday 12th that October.

This festividad at ns beginning that autumn, in un town with such ns privileged climate choose Benidorm, yes, really is uno perfect option. Coinciding with ns Festival the Pilar, a hora when ns weather is tho good, and far sufficient away representar the start of los school year.

Poster Iberia festividad 2019

The seventh execution of los Iberia Festival will function leading nacional bands, highlighting Mägo después Oz and Rozalén as headliners.

All teams will be split into dos days, Friday and Saturday.


Mägo ese Oz

This band developed in mil novecientos ochenta y ocho and are well-known nationally y internationally, one of the bands con an enviable trajectory, which probably in ns years 2000-2005 were un world reference con their music. In the internacional arena they have had spectacular success in Latin américa where they have toured several times, in enhancement to los countless concerts they have performed in Spain.


Their music is really an overwhelming to typecast early to ns large grupo formed by its members... A group where heavy metal, rock and roll, folk predominates... Follow me with Celtic touches y instruments not an extremely common in this type of formations together as the violin y flute...

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No doubt this are ns reference in your genre and a concert that you can not miss.


On ns other hand, Rozalén place the música pop note to the festival. María después los Ángeles Rozalén Ortuño is un Spanish singer y songwriter who in spite of composing desde a very young age began her música career in 2013, when she composed the first of her three albums.

We speak about pop in state of predominant genre, yet it also has themes with folk touches or roca rhythms that give more diversity to she music.


The música of the singer-songwriters is challenging to describe, however what better advocate because that her, are los countless concerts y appearances in ns most vital festivals in ns Spanish territory, and in recent years... There is alguna festival the resists Rozalén.

Entrances for ns Iberia Festival

You can get your tickets because that the reparado at iberiafestival.com, over there are different tickets available for all tastes... You can buy one-day tickets if you are interested in a solamente artist, or for the entire festival. In the same method there is a difference between ns standard enntrance gate or los VIP entrance, with access to ns VIP area wherein you have the right to meet ns musicians. In addition to the different offers of bono tokens, you have the right to save los queues by to buy tokens in advance.

Where to stay to go to ns Iberia Festival?

If friend haven"t had tiempo to book the Iberia festival duo pack, don"t worry…

iiwallpapers.com has actually another ocho hotels in Benidormwith los iiwallpapers.com guarantee. Many hotels where, without uno doubt, you deserve to rest and recharge your power for los concerts you will enjoy

For this event we recommend because that you, the 4 Star Hotel Diplomatic, or the cuatro Star Hotel Castillaas they room the closestly options, therefore you could even andar to the festividad in 10 minutes and forget about transport.


Where is ns Iberia reparado celebrated?

The event will certainly take location at ns Julio iglesias Auditorium in Benidorm, one auditorium situated in ns heart of los town in los open air, within the Parque de l’Aigüera with easy access for anyone audiences. That is no advisable to travel by automóvil due to los difficulty of parking in the immediate vicinity of ns auditorium, so we recommend that you pick accommodation adjacent or use public deliver in the town.

Previous editions Iberia Festival

When deciding if it is precious going to any festival, everyone looks for references at previous editions...

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Loquillo, Estopa, M-clan, hombres G, sociedad Security y many others have passed through ns Iberia step leaving concerts that will never ever be forgotten... The final ones were Tequila, Coque Malla, el café Quijano or Jaime Urrutia. That"s just how we appreciated it uno year ago...