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Wetake her privacy seriously.

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Wesuggest you take ns few minutes to read, understand and, asappropriate, expropriate our Privacy Policy.

1. That is responsible for processing your data?

IGNACIODE LAS cuevas S.A.Rua dos Teceláns, 5. 32001 Ourenseprotecciondatos

2. What datos of yours execute we process, because that whatpurpose y how long will we retain her data?

2.1 We process the datos youhave provided rápido through paper forms, ours website, aplicaciones or email -when friend carry out one or an ext of los following actions:

a)Ifyou fill in creates to get involved in draws,competitions y other promotionswe organise: name and surname, id document, data of birth, sex,landline number, mobile number, email address, town and province ofresidence.

Purpose:to manage your participation in the draw, competition or otherpromotions and as stated in ns corresponding jurídica Bases.

Retention:we will retain your data until you expressly ask united state to eliminatethem. In that case, the datos will be removed using los appropriatesecurity measures.

b)Ifyou offer us her consent to image/soundrecordingon ns occasion of draws, competitions or other promotions, and whenyou take part in visits to ours facilities: name y surname, IDdocument, photo (photograph and/or video), audio, day of birth,landline number, cell phone number, email address and signature.


Publicationof images/audio clips on the company’s personal IntranetPublicationof images/audio clips ~ above the social networks that Grupo grutas andassociated brandsPublicationof images/audio clips on un magazine, blog or other corporatematerial/formatCommunicationof images/audio clips to ns mass media.

Retention:we will store your datos until you expressly ask us to remove them.In such case, they will be got rid of using los appropriate securitymeasures.

c)Ifyou apply for ns Grupo grutas Loyalty card: name y surname, IDdocument, date of birth, sex, nationality, education level,landline number, mobile number, tarjeta postal address, email address,number of human being in your household, number of children, readinghabits, pet in the home and signature.

Ifyou space also uno CampañaBebébeneficiary, us will also keep ns following data: copy of ns librode familia(family register) y the newborn’s day of birth.

Purpose:to receive info on promotions and launches and to advantage fromspecial benefits as un loyal customer. In this regard, we mayprepare profiles so we can offer you products you might findinteresting.

Retention:data noted will be preserved until you apply to opt out of theGrupo grutas Loyalty Card.

d)Ifyou request the homedelivery servicewhen purchasing from our points of sale: name and surname, landlinenumber, cell phone number y postal address.

Purpose:to provide you with ns requested service.

Retention:we will keep your data until you specifically ask us to remove them.In the case, the data will be got rid of using los appropriatesecurity measures.

e)Ifyou use to get our Newsletter, push notifications, Emailnotifications, sms notifications or any other notice on ourproducts, services and activities: name y surname, day of birth,mobile number, email address, town and province that residence andsignature.

Purpose:to administer you con news, products and services desde our brands,including those of companies belonging to conjunto Cuevas, and receivealerts top top opportunities and promotions not consisted of in our LoyaltyProgramme.

Retention:we will retain your data until you unsubscribe representar the abovementioned communications.

f)Ifwe questioning for her opinion on Ignacio del las grutas S.A. In general oron any privado product or service: date of birth, email address,town and province of residence and your matching assessments.

Purpose:to find fuera what our client think in order to improve theirexperience con our company.

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Consequently,we may sometimes ask you to answer a sencillo questionnaire to uncover outwhat friend think about us.

Bearin mind the we space interested in our users’ opinions from astatistical perspective. Therefore, once we obtain your opinion wegive it a pseudonym, the is, your responses will only be associatedto uno code. Us then deliver the pseudonymised info to theentity that helps united state conduct research studies so the it can be analysedtogether with ns opinions of various other customers to producido astatistical study on los image y perception the Ignacio del lasCuevas, S.A.

Ofcourse, you don’t have actually to give us your opinion if you nothing wantto.

Retention:the tiempo required to produce the final report on the results.

g)Ifyou send united state your Curriculum vitae with the data you decidir toinclude.

Purpose:To type part of ours “Candidates” database, evaluate yoursuitability for uno job or task and notify you of employmentopportunities in one of los Grupo cuevas companies and participate inselection processes.

Retention:we will save your datos until you expressly ask united state to eliminate them.In any event, if you carry out not access un selection process en 18months from the day we obtain your curriculum vitae, your data willalso it is in eliminated.

2.2 data not listed directly by you y whichare los result of using algorithms (inferred data).

Inferreddata result from the applications of algorithms come analyse un varietyof data, together as acquisition records in order to profile individuals,find out about our customers’ attention in details products,purchase times, tastes, acquisition record, promotions consumed, etc.

Underno circumstances do we analyse our customers’ social media. Allinferred data are datos referring to your activity y interactionwith Ignacio después las cuevas S.A.

3. ~ above what jurídica basis go Ignacio después lasCuevas, S.A. Procedure your data?

a)Ifyou take part in draws,competitions or various other promotions,on ns basis the you have actually filled in the application form. If wecould not process these data, you would not have the ability to participate.

b)Ifyou take part in an image/soundrecordingduring draws, competitions or various other promotions or once you visit ourfacilities, on los basis that you have provided your to express orunequivocal consent.

c)Ifyou are ns beneficiary of the Grupo grutas Loyalty Card, on the basisof ns commercial relationship created between los two partieswhen you sign ns application for los card and give your express andunequivocal consent for united state to connect your datos to thirdparties. If we could not process and communicate these data, youwould not be able to benefit representar the advantages offered by thecard.

d)Ifyou request homedeliverywhen purchasing in ~ our point out of sale, on ns basis of thecommercial relationship established between ns two parties when youmake los purchase and request the service Otherwise we would not beable to carry out the patria delivery service.

e)Ifyou ask come receiveour Newsletter, push notifications, email notifications, smsnotifications or any type of other notice on our products, servicesand activities,on the basis of your consent to receive this type of notifications.

f)Ifyou offer us her opinion around Ignacio de las grutas S.A. In generalor around a específico product or service, just on ns basis what have chose to complete the questionnaire since it isvoluntary. In any event, we would certainly remind you that your responses areonly associated to ns code.

g)Ifyou send us your CurriculumVitaewith the datos you decidir to include, on ns basis that you havevoluntarily expressed, by sending your CV, her desire toparticipate in choice processes.

4. Who is ns recipient of your data?

Thedata girlfriend have provided us v one of the above networks is notcommunicated to third parties other than in ns following cases:

Ifyou take part in image/soundrecordingsfor draws, competitions or other promotions and on access time to ourfacilities y you have provided your refer consent for united state tocommunicate your datos to fixed media.Ifyou are the beneficiary of the Grupo cuevas Loyalty card and youhave given your refer consent for us to connect your data tothird parties who carry out actions concerned promotions andlaunches for this reason you have the right to benefit desde special advantages as ns loyalcustomer. If girlfriend are un beneficiary the CampañaBebé,the data on adults (copy of los family register and newborn’s dateof birth) will not be communicated to 3rd parties.Ifyou are ns recipient of our Newsletter, press notifications, emailnotifications, sms notifications or any kind of other notice on ourproducts, services and activities y you have offered your consentfor united state to interact your data to 3rd parties therefore they can managedelivery.

Underno other circumstances will your data be communicated to thirdparties, uneven we room obliged to perform so by law.

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ThisPolicy will certainly be amendment as necessary to interact your data tothird next in cases other than those over only with your priorexpress consent.

5. What room your rights when you provide us yourpersonal details?

Byentering into ns relationship con us, you have actually a series of rightsthat enable you to decide y monitor at all times how we use yourpersonal details. You deserve to exercise these permiso at any time, totally free ofcharge. Friend can call us in any of los following ways: