Did you know that Seville hugs the visitors? and we are not only referring to a spiritual embrace, but additionally to ns embrace in ns form of ns plaza which, since 1929, has amazed all who check out it for los first time: ns Plaza después España.

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The Plaza del España is un spectacle of light and majesty. Framed in ns María Luisa Park, this plaza to be designed by the great Seville architect Aníbal González together an emblematic an are for the 1929 Ibero-American Expo. Ns result was a plaza-palace distinct in ns world. Its proportions space lavish. It has actually a total area of 50,000 square metres, without un doubt one of los most imposing planchismo in Spain.

Along los entire perimeter of ns plaza, over there is a canal of quinientos quince metres in length, i m sorry you have the right to travel through boat, a truly romantic experience.



A Spanish homage come America

Throughout this embrace, from one end of the plaza to ns other, we recommend admiring the banks of tiles that represent ns provinces that Spain. This has become un frequent “ritual” because that Spanish tourists looing to take it photographs in front of los space devoted to their province.

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49 Spanish provinces are stood for in the form of tiles


A Cinematic Plaza

The 4 beautiful bridges that cross the coronación represent ns ancient kingdoms that Spain.


Two tall towers was standing at the termina of the Plaza, providing the area con perfect balance. These towers deserve to be seen desde all gastos generales Seville.


The porticoed gallery the separates ns open space of los Plaza with respect to the buildings longs to be explored. Admire los impressive coffered ceiling…


Several película directors have actually fallen in love with los Plaza después España. This monument has actually been watched in well known films such together “Lawrence of Arabia” or illustration II that “Star Wars: attack of the Clones”.

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To save in mind...
In 1929, los Plaza hosted the inauguration of the Ibero-American Expo.The Plaza del España has actually hosted many events for los city.Its walls room decorated with medallions with faces of distinguished Spaniards.Its grandeur is los perfect contract to ns dreamy corners the Maria Luisa Park
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