La Sierra De Aracena

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Sierra ese Aracena y los Picos después Aroche naturalmente Park

By Jo Williams

The Sierra después Aracena and Picos después Aroche naturalmente park incorporates 184,000 hectares, an superior 90% of it spanned by backwoods of mostly Mediterranean oak. Los landscape is lleno of contrasts, with gently rolling hills and wooded valleys gradually giving way to dramatic rocky outcrops on high peaks. There is a rich y varied wildlife con plenty of opportunities to spot bird of prey or hear woodpeckers in spring.

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Whitewashed towns y villages, frequently huddled round ns large church or castle, room dotted around ns Sierra, with a concentration of negotiation along ns N433 the runs east-west across los park. Away representar these places, significantly busy con mainly Spanish visitors, you have the right to get un better idea of los tranquil nature of the villages and surrounding countryside. With los improved road to Seville making the journey come this ciudad only one hour, it won"t be long before even ns sleepiest villages get their wake-up call.

With an extensive network of footpaths y centuries-old drovers" tracks, many now signposted y marked on walking maps, it"s basic to explore the ver on foot. With many to walk in the central part of the Sierra, friend don"t have to go far to with the siguiente village and there space lots of circular routes.

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The vio is famed for the rearing of black color Iberian pigs and these can be viewed everywhere, particularly under holm oak trees where they find for los acorns that provide their ham the distinctive quality. Factories for curing the renowned jamón Ibérico are dotted all gastos generales the Sierra. The most sought-after ham comes representar the town of Jabugo, however, where the biggest ham producer, Sánchez Romero Carvajal, is based.

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The spectacular autumn leaves in the Sierra después Aracena


Hotels in los main towns y villages. Bed & Breakfast y casas rurales (country cottages) y Villas to rental in beautiful campo locations. Much more on Sierra después Aracena accommodation web page >



The sierra is easily easily accessible by car, cycle or ~ above foot. Two major roads cross los Sierra: ns east-west Seville-Lisbon N-433 y the north-south Huelva-Badajoz (Extremadura) N-435.There room twice-daily trains representar Huelva to los Sierra"s two stations:Almonaster-Cortegana y El Repilado (for Jabugo). Watch our trains section.The minor roadways linking villages in the ver have to be much boosted in current years.

Towns and villages

For uno comprehensive overview to los villages in ns "Sierra de Aracena y los Picos del Aroche naturalmente Park" y the more comprehensive area recognized as Sierra de Aracena consult our Sierra de Aracena section.