Los Goldberg Temporada 4 Castellano

Teenage friends find their resides upended by los wonders and horrors the puberty in this edgy comedy representar real-life pals Nick Kroll y Andrew Goldberg.

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The cast of this Emmy-winning series features Nick Kroll, hombre Mulaney, Maya Rudolph, Jordan Peele, Jessi Klein y more.
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Teenage friends discover their resides upended by los wonders and horrors of puberty in this edgy comedy desde real-life pals Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg.

As andrew falls under los spell of ns randy Hormone Monster, his girlfriend Nick becomes obsessed with the lack of changes in his own body.

A campo trip goes representar awkward come mortifying as Jessi navigates ns demands that coupledom and gets her an initial period -- inside the Statue that Liberty.

A trailer for a new movie certification The roca leaves andrew questioning his sexuality. Jessi and Nick's budding romance turns ugly fast.

While the boys head to Jay's for ns testosterone-fueled sleepover, Jessi throws un party of she own and gets captured up in mean-girl drama.

A steamy novel making los rounds at school inspires Jessi to explore her own sexuality -- y leaves los boys entirely confused around what girl want.

Nick drags andrés into the ciudad to visit an old acampar crush, however the día doesn't go as planned. Jay embarks top top an emotionally journey with his pillow.

Andrew struggles to keep ns Hormone Monster in inspect as that works con Missy on ns science justa project. Jessi y Matthew have actually fun at Jay's expense.

When Leah hosts ns party for los high school juego crowd, Nick wrestles with un romantic dilemma, y Andrew y Missy witness uno disturbing scene.

Family blowups, secret liaisons y an unflattering dress do Jessi's bat mitzvah un night to remember.

Andrew tries come drown his sorrows in a sea of porn, only to end up being hopelessly addicted. Coach Steve becomes a suspect in un murder spree.

Carnal urges and teen angst abound together Nick, Andrew y friends pursue nuevo crushes, wrestle with insecurities and meet ns sadistic shame Wizard.

Andrew struggles to blend in after a growth spurt, Nick issues his hormones are fuera de of whack, and Jessi y Jay get a taste of ns teen runaway life.

A classmate's booming bosom sends los boys into ns rapture -- and leaves ns girls with a raging situation of insecurity. Coach Steve drops un bombshell.

As Nick tries to personaje out whether he has uno shot con Gina, un mortifying encounter con Leah sends andrew into uno spiral the shame.

Coach Steve lastly gets his possibility to perform sex on ns lady, Nick y Andrew go on ns double date, y Jessi's rebellious streak leads to huge trouble.

An dispute in sex ed class turns into ns skit-tastic trip through los worlds of to plan Parenthood, contraceptives and STDs.

Jessi y Nick dip right into her dad's stash of edibles, with mind-bending results. Andrés searches for los right moment to rest up con Lola.

While help Greg relocate into a seedy bachelor complex, los boys and their dads debate what women want -- y what it way to be a man.

A college sleepover transforms messy as Nick key on ns makeout session y the shame Wizard functions his miserable magia on the whole class.

Nick tries to lighten the mood at ns sleepover con a new twist on truth or Dare. Los Shame wizard meets his match. Jessi vows to change her ways.

After traveling with a magic portal to puberty headquarters, Nick seeks fuera a new Hormone Monster and Jessi bond with the Depression Kitty.

Romantic misadventures, infuriating school rules and epic clashes of the sexes send the friends hurtling right into confusing nuevo territory.

Sappy cards. Stupid clichés. And so lot pressure. For Andrew, Nick, Jessi and friends, Valentine's día is a completamente freaking minefield.

When un shop class mishap inspires a sexist dress code, Jessi rebels, Missy battles to store her alter cristalita in check, y Andrew gets uno wake-up call.

Nick is bewitched by his cool nuevo phone. Ns call representar "https://iiwallpapers.com/los-goldberg-temporada-4-castellano/imager_1_19262_700.jpgPharmacy Boy"https://iiwallpapers.com/los-goldberg-temporada-4-castellano/imager_1_19262_700.jpg turns Matthew into ns nervous wreck. Jay finds uno iiwallpapers.com donar made just for him.

Cellsea goads Nick right into posting un risqué video, Maury urges Matthew to velocidad things up with Aiden, y Jay feeds Missy ideas for her erotic fiction.

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While Nick tags follow me with ns Gloubermans on ns wild road pilgrimage to Florida, Jay discovers he's to be "https://iiwallpapers.com/los-goldberg-temporada-4-castellano/imager_1_19262_700.jpgHome Alone'd"https://iiwallpapers.com/los-goldberg-temporada-4-castellano/imager_1_19262_700.jpg -- and moves in con a nuevo family.

Connie provides Jessi a crash course in mrs pleasure, Maury tries to talk andrew into sending a racy pic, and Nick lashes fuera de at his new housemate.

The ghost of duke Ellington takes Nick and friends on ns journey trasero in tiempo to 1913: the year he shed his virginity y found his true calling.

As the friends passionate swap perform of ns hottest kids at school, newcomer Ali stokes los flames by announcing she's pansexual.

A huge standardized cheque sends everyone into ns panic -- other than for Jay, who simply scored an Adderall prescription.

A provocative school música unleashes Missy's inner thespian -- y her new Hormone Monstress. Los "https://iiwallpapers.com/los-goldberg-temporada-4-castellano/imager_1_19262_700.jpgQueer Eye"https://iiwallpapers.com/los-goldberg-temporada-4-castellano/imager_1_19262_700.jpg Fab five pay un visit come Coach Steve.

When a freak storm offers everyone new superpowers, tensions between Andrew, Nick and friends boil over into an epos showdown.

On ns brink the eighth grade, the friends contend con summer acampar torments, shady transform egos, nuevo make-out frontiers y Tito the Anxiety Mosquito.

At sleep-away camp, Jessi befriends she trans cabinmate, y Nick discovers his dos best friends have uno little too lot in common.

While Jessi deals with menstrual mayhem, Nick tries to avoid showering with ns guys, and Missy gets un makeover representar her cousins in Atlanta.

On the final night the camp, bowel problems, ns talent show and a hookup cause chaos — and hurt feelings. Back home, Jay y Lola throw a pool party.

After seeing their eighth grade classmates combination up, Nick y Andrew make a juego for two seventh grade girls. Jessi adjusts to life in ns city.

On uno trip to ns 9/11 museum, Nick y Andrew sneak off to meet Jessi, Devon teaches Missy about code-switching, and Coach Steve gets ns rude surprise.

Thirty año in the future, rich however lonely game dando host Nick prepares to flee a dying Earth. But an initial he needs to track debajo the perfect plus-one.

The kids at Bridgeton Middle explore enthusiastic consent, feminine pleasure, coercion y more in four short films.

Wracked con guilt, andrew tries to keep his urges in check. Matthew's mommy ices him out of los church bake-off after reading his texts.

A trippy haunted casa hosted through Kappa Kappa Kill fuerza each of the friends to reckon with their best fears.

Forced out of his very own body by his smug alter ego, Nick fights back — with help representar his friends and the Gratitoad. Matthew comes el fin to his dad.

Romantic confessions, angry tirades y vicious rumors fly together lovebugs and hate worms wriggle their means into the hearts of los Bridgeton center crew.

To obtain his mind turn off Lola, Jay begs his pals to sign up with him in un monthlong challenge. Missy's caught off guard by a new crush.

Eager to gain his mojo back, ns Shame Wizard autumn in top top swim class to torment the kids with bodily insecurities.

As Walter los lovebug coaches Nick on matters of los heart, Jessi it s okay fired up about protesting the school's problematic mascot.

Unrequited love y jealous rivalries turn the friends right into seething beasts. Andrés gets un little also invested in uno substitute teacher.

Missy make the efforts to admitir her cousins she's not uno dork, andrew takes a stand against his dad's turkey tyranny, y Jessi really hopes for uno Thanksgiving miracle.

While Jessi sorts v her feelings for Ali, Nick joins Devon for ns boys' night, andrés shows turn off his nuevo persona, and Missy starts uno rumor online.

Emboldened by their nuevo monsters, Missy y Nick descend into uno hate spiral. Meanwhile, Jay put on uno big donar to win back Lola.

Classic fiesta stories get a naughty makeover in this distinct episode organized by puppet execution of Maury y Connie.

On uno Birch family ski trip, Leah prepares to go all ns way with Val, y Andrew hits it off with a fellow ski noob. Matthew helps Jay fuera de of a slump.

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Nick adheres to Walter to los land that monsters and demands come see ns person in charge. A nuevo Year's night party inspires a flurry of cool gestures.

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