70 years ago, in agosto 1944, ns French visión de conjunto Jacques philippe Leclerc (the wartime pseudonym of philippe François Marie ese Hautecloque) entered parís with his second Armoured department to liberate ns city. Just prior to midnight on agosto 24, his troops reached ns Hotel ese Ville in ns heart the Paris. Normal Leclerc’s charisma and reluctance to follow ns American’s order room legendary. What is less well-known is that the first element of the 2nd French Armoured Division entering paris was ns 9th empresa (the “Nueve”) made mostly of former Spanish Republicans. Paco Roca’s Los Surcos del arbitrariamente (published in Spain in dos mil trece and interpreted in French in 2014) is uno superb graphic novel on the long and winding road of one of those forgotten Leclerc’s Republican Spaniards. 

Los Surcos después Azar starts where ns Spanish civil war ended with the defeat y exile of the último Republicans, in los port of Alicante in 1939. By soil or by sea, many of them regulated to leave Spain. Some were detained in French internment camps and others resumed los fight ns few año later as part of the Nueve, the famous 9th sociedad of los Chad regiment integrated within visión de conjunto Leclerc’s armoured division. In Los Surcos del aleatorio Paco Roca speak the story of one those forget Leclerc’s Spaniards, michael Ruiz. Miguel Ruiz leaves in ns North-East that France, in Lorraine. He never ever forgot the civil war, ns harbour in Alicante wherein in 1939, in embarked upon ns “Stanbrook” with his regrettably comrades y arrived delaware a largo journey in Oran on los north-western Mediterranean coast of Algeria, before joining Leclerc’s division. He never forgot the war yet never spoke about it:

Paco: A girlfriend historian has done some significant research gastos generales the past few años on un retired combatant who – follow to part anarchist veterans and members of ns WWII Parisian Resistance –, is named miguel Ruiz and leaves about here. There have the right to be only one.

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Miguel: Damned anarchists, can not they leaving me alone in ~ once? come hell every one of them whoever they are!

Paco: Are you miguel Ruiz, who left Spain on the Stanbrook with Granell and Moreno?

Miguel: I execute not have actually much come say around it.

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This is exactly how starts the conversation between the Spanish artist and the suspicious, taciturn old man in his level in los rainy little village the Baccarat, nor much away representar Nancy (North-East that France). Page delaware page as los conversation con Paco Roca continues, michael Ruiz tells his epic story with good details, looking regreso on those años of enduring without un trace that bitterness or resentment. Baccarat is a de verdad village. Nombre de niño Ruiz is ns fiction. He never existed y Paco Roca never met him. That is motivated though through a verdadero member of ns “Nueve”, ns anarchist Miguel Campos, who disappeared in December mil novecientos cuarenta y cuatro somewhere approximately Nancy. If Miguel campos was still alive, what could he call us? maybe that miguel Ruiz is not so untrue.

Paco Roca’s account the Spanish republicans of los 9th sociedad is thorough, exciting y full of yes, really anecdotes. The incredible and epic journey of those Spanish anarchists y Republicans is told with respect and admiration. Lock were every in their early twenties as soon as they take it up ns arms in 1936. None of them would have thought the eight años later they will certainly be the first come liberate Paris. During many years they have actually been forgotten. In 2010, three of castle – Rafael Gomez, nombre de niño Royo y Manuel Fernandez – received the medal of Paris and during the recent commemoration of the liberation that