OPEL ASTRA 1.6 TURBO 200 CV 2016

The Opel Astra K 1.6 Turbo (200 Cv) Automático of 2018 is a automóvil model manufactured by the empresa Opel and enters into the series Astra that encompasses carros of different displacements y years.

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This particular model has 5 seats and 5 doors y it"s prior wheel journey car.

To do this coche specifications much more concrete that this gorgeous Hatchback, highlight that has an 1.6 Turbo (200 Cv) automatically engine that gasoline with a real displacement of 1598 c.c. (97.52 i.c.) and a strength of 200 (hp) horsepower at 5500 rpm.

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This car is from the group of Hatchback and the first model of this Astra marketed in ns year 2018, that"s why we room in prior of un Opel that already has tres years.

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us encourage you come take uno look below to see ns specifications y technical sheet and data the this awesome car.


GENERAL SPECIFICATIONSMake OpelModelAstra K 1.6 Turbo (200 Cv) AutomáticoYears2018, 2019Type the bodyworkHatchbackYear put into production2018End the productionJuly, 2019GenerationAstra KNumber that seats5 seatsNumber that doors5 doors

ENGINE y TRANSMISSIONFuelGasolineActual displacement1598 c.c. (97.52 i.c.)Cylinder bore79 millimeters (3.11 inches)Cylinder layoutIn-line engineEngine modification1.6 Turbo (200 Cv) AutomaticNumber of cylinders4 cylindersNumber of valves término cylinder4 valves período cylinderNumber of speeds automatic transmission6-speed transmissionMaximum torque300 Nm
1650-4500 Rpm | 221.27 lb.-ft.
1650-4500 RpmEngine positionFront engine. Transverse orientationMaximum power200 (hp) horsepower at cinco mil quinientos RpmCompression ratio9.5 : 1Cylinder stroke81.5 mm (3.21 inches)IntakeDirect injectionDriveFrontTurbineTurbocharger

CONSUMPTION and EMISSIONSCombined fuel consumption6.4-6.6 l/100km | 36.75 - 35.64 united state mpg | 44.14 —apoyándose 42.8 UK mpgExtra ciudad de la ciudad fuel consumption5.3-5.5 l/100km | 44.38 -papposo 42.77 united state mpg | 53.3 - 51.36 UK mpgUrban fuel consumption8.3-8.5 l/100km | 28.34 —apoyándose 27.67 us mpg | 34.03 - 33.23 UK mpgWeighted co2 emissions146-151 grams/kilometerExhaust gas classificationEURO VId-Temp

SPEED y ACCELERATIONAcceleration 0 to sesenta mph7.4 secondsBrakes absYesAcceleration 0 to 100 km/h7.8 secondsMaximum speed146.02 mph (235 km/h)

CHASSIS, SUSPENSION y WHEELSMinimum turning diameter11.05 meter (36.25 feet)SteeringElectric steeringSteering typeRack y pinion steeringFront brakesDisc brakesRear brakesDisc brakesTire size7J x R16 | 7.5J x R18Tire size205/55 R16 | 225/40 R18 | 225/40 R18


⛽ exactly how much does this coche consume?

The Opel Astra K 1.6 Turbo (200 Cv) automáticamente has un fuel usage of:

Combined consumption: 6.4-6.6 l/100km | 36.75 —apoyándose 35.64 us mpg | 44.14 - 42.8 UK mpgExtra urbano consumption: 5.3-5.5 l/100km | 44.38 - 42.77 us mpg | 53.3 - 51.36 UK mpgUrban consumption: 8.3-8.5 l/100km | 28.34 -papposo 27.67 us mpg | 34.03 rápido 33.23 UK mpg