Radio Taxi Oviedo Telefono

PideTaxi is los mobile applications to request a cab desde ARTE (Radio Taxi combinación of Spain).

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More than 18,000 cabs throughout Spain in ns main urban of ns country.PideTaxi is supported by the main radio stations and cab suppliers in each of this locations, so ns speed and quality of the service are guaranteed.


1 – PideTaxi automatically locates los address desde which los cab is requested.2 – Confirm ns address, select your options, click on “Reserve” and that’s it3 – The cab is walk to meet you. You have the right to find el fin which automobile will choose you up y its license number.


Our plane transfer y collection servicio is los most comfortable, simple y cheapest system without any kind of doubt.

We control all the necessary logistics come make your transfers a success, so that you can concentrate on your event.

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We take care of delivering your staff to any type of convention, meeting, business lunch, hotel. Us carry fuera de an exhaustive study to improve comfort and reduce costs.


Radio Taxi Oviedo Principado is los taxi cooperative of Oviedo (Asturias). We have much more than 300 vehicles at your disposal, which allow us come give ns best and fastest service to meet the particular needs of every client. within the ciudad centre girlfriend will have actually your taxi in an median of much less than tres minutes. In ns rest of los towns of every Asturias you deserve to ask united state in advance, or above us any kind the doubt about our solutions without any kind the commitment. Perform not hesitate, in Oviedo y in Asturias, we room your taxi.

Our vehicles are already equipped with los most modern tecnología available in Europe for taxis. Los system applied by los Taxitronic brand, allows los location of ns taxi nearest to you and with the personalised characteristics you wish, digital print of ns ticket for each service carried out, arsenal by card, mobile phone, eurotaxis, big capacity, etc.Our operators room at your disposal veinticuatro hours a day, 365 days un year, constantly at your service to help you in any type of situation, immediate or not.

The cooperative began to provide servicio to our customers on in march 1, 1984, because then we have strived to improve y modernize our entire fleet y facilities continuously, to proceed to be your way of public deliver par excellence.

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From right here we would choose to thank all our client who have chosen us during these years to do their journeys.