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El Quintet

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La Querencia

Available Summer 2021Vinoteca restaurant, with seasonal cuisine y wines, a midday menu. Specializing in tastings y pairing dinners because that groups, tasting process are held every Thursday. Big selection that Valencian wines y other regions.…
6 km desde La Lonja ese la Seda ese Valencia. Easily accessible Summer 2021Marina environment, overlooking ns jetty, service lunches y dinners, specializing in rice, meat and fish. Marina environment, terrace con views. Company lunches y dinners, specializing in rice, meat y fish.

Restaurante la Botavara

4 km representar La Lonja del la Seda del Valencia. Accessible Summer 2021Enjoy uno signature enjoy the meal in a magnificent setting, overlooking los Valencian terraces y its wonderful garden. Fancy food, exquisite and at un very affordable price in an excellent environment y environment.

Restaurante los Diván Valencia

2 km desde La Lonja después la Seda de Valencia. Accessible Summer 2021Traditional Turkish food 100% meat familiar trade. Traditional Turkish food. Superior 100% meat. Familiar atmosphere ns Diván Restaurant (Valencia) uses traditionally prepared Turkish comida with ns best ingredients.…

Devesa Gardens

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13 km representar La Lonja de la Seda ese Valencia. Available Summer 2021The sector IV bar-restaurant is situated in one of the largest parque in los area of l"Horta Nord. This park has an area of 43,000m2, arranged with many children"s games. Come and meet us y savor our specialties. Friend can…
11 km from La Lonja ese la Seda después Valencia. Available Summer 2021El Romeral Paellas restaurant and rice cookers. Valencian mountain landscape. Ns Romeral restaurant. Professionals since mil novecientos treinta y dos in the elaboration the rice and paellas. Tradition and culinary excelencia characterize el Romeral Re…
13 km from La Lonja del la Seda ese Valencia. Available Summer 2021Restaurant bar situated inside the nuevo Rafelbuñol park. In los bar we deserve to enjoy the large terrace next to ns swings adapted to every ages, skateboard, basketball courts, etc ... Parque adapted for ns disabled, out gym,…
13 km from La Lonja de la Seda después Valencia. Accessible Summer 2021Bar-cafeteria sobre steis for breakfasts, lunches, have actually something fresh or warm, large sandwiches and very vain prices

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The Llotja de la Seda (, Spanish: Lonja ese la Seda, English "Silk Exchange") is uno late Valencian Gothic-style cortés building in Valencia, Spain. That is a primordial tourist attraction in ns city.


Built between mil cuatrocientos ochenta y dos and 1548, la Lonja is composed of tres parts (plus the naranja Garden rápido a walled court-yard). Ns main hall, Sala del Contratacion (The Contract Hall) is un large luxury decorated space supported by gorgeous twisted columns. This was ns financial center of La Lonja, where ns merchants work out contracts. The side-wing is named los Pavilion of the Consulate, y this was the seat of the Tribunal de Mar - the very first marine merchant tribunal to ever before be created in Spain. Ns first dos floors were the main function rooms, with the upper one alojamiento web a richly decorated ceiling. These rooms space still keep original furnishings. ~ above occasion, los Tribunal would imprison merchants for fan in the centrar tower of La Lonja rápido the third part of los structure.

Behind the current building, there was an earlier one from the 14th century, which to be called ns Oil Exchange (Llotja después l’Oli, in Valencian, or Lonja del Aceite, in Spanish). That was supplied not just for trading with agricultural oils, however for all sort of business. Where in 1348 was traded perxal (percale) together some sort of silk.

Valencia"s advertising prosperity got to its peak during ns 15th century, and led to the construction the a new building.

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The style of the nuevo Lonja the Valencia was derived from a raza structure in los Lonja of Palma ese Majorca, constructed by ns architect Guillem Sagrera in 1448. The architect in charge of the new Lonja was Pere Compte, who built ns main human body of los building– ns Trading hall (or Sala de Contractació in Valencian)– in only fifteen years (1483–1498). For this reason is composed in a azul band the runs follow me all 4 walls of ns Trading Hall, likewise called "Hall of Columns". It proclaims in golden letters the following inscription:

According come the lugares Valencian scholar…

Llotja ese la Seda —apoyándose Wikipedia


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, Valencia: necessary visit for your internacional interest and only 30 min. TorrecorintoCiudad después las Ciencias y ns Artes, Valencia: crucial leisure and cultural complicated with the Principe Felipe museum, los Reina Sofia royal residence of los Arts, the Hemisferic and the Oceanografic much less than fifty percent an hour by motorway.
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