Richard ramirez doreen lioy

The serial killer was discovered guilty of trece murders, five attempted murders, 11 sexual strikes and catorce burglaries. Disturbingly, this did no stop uno slew of females taking an interest in him delaware his arrest.

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From marriage to los groupies who wrote the letters, us take un look in ~ Ramirez's mental love life behind bars...

ricardo Ramirez died aged 53 on death row (Credit: Netflix / Screenshot)

Who is Doreen Lioy? the wife of richard Ramirez

When she began her relationship with Ramirez, Lioy to be a freelance teenange newspaper editor from Burbank, California. She started sending the dozens of letter in 1985, when he to be awaiting trial.

As their partnership developed, she reportedly visited him in jail four tiempo a week. At los time, she declared to think that Ramirez to be wholly innocent. Ns pair was wed in 1996, if Ramirez to be on fatality row in California's san Quentin estado Prison.

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Lioy's family members disowned her as uno result. "It’s unfortunate because that me the I’ve been linked con all of this," her twin sister told the smo Francisco Examiner in 1996.

"I to be taken aback by ns news. Come be associated by birth is fine. Me gustaría don’t want to be ns part that this. The been a painful occasion for los family."

In one interview with the Examiner, Lioy stated she love Ramirez "more than anything in los world. Then, in 1997, Lioy told CNN that "I just believe in the completely". She added: "He's kind, he's funny, he's charming."

However, after 13 years the marriage, Lioy reportedly cut ties with los killer. She walk so delaware DNA evidence was discovered in 2009, which attached Ramirez to los murder y rape of uno nine-year-old girl in 1984.

They separated in 2009. Delaware that, Lioy never spoke publicly around their connection again. And, she issued cuales statement as soon as Ramirez died of naturaleza causes in 2013.

There is cuales information about where Lioy is now. And while we know that she functioned as a freelance journalist, it's unclear whether she's still functioning in the field.

Ramirez pictured con his wife, Doreen Lioy (Credit: Netflix / Screenshot)

The Night Stalker's relationship with Christine Lee

Ramirez to be still obtaining letters from women after his marriage to Lioy ended.

Shortly delaware their split, he became engaged to writer, Christine Lee. Top top his talk show, Geraldo Rivera introduced lee as Ramirez's fiancée. She asserted that castle "never kissed" as their access time took ar behind ns glass screen.

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The pair never ever tied los knot.

In 2013, Ramirez's niece, Shelly, told ns Daily Beast that alguna one claimed her uncle's body after his death. Instead, a spokesperson representar the prison claimed that Ramirez's body would be cremated if the was no claimed.

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The same representative also said that Ramirez wasn't enabled to have emplea visits in 2010. And that "the último few la edad he has refused to visit con everyone."

Richard Ramirez' groupies

Ramirez had uno number of woman groupies, specifically when he was on trial.

One admirer called KRON4 san Francisco during his trial, "I understand that he's ns nice person," while another corroborated, "I think he's cute."

After his 1989 sentencing, The ese Angeles tiempo reported the Ramirez had actually "apparent fans" present. This included a woman wearing uno "skin-tight black spandex jumpsuit," that "smiled y waved" at the killer. As have the right to be checked out in the Netflix docuseries, the criminal would certainly smile and wave trasero to this individuals.

"In every my años of covering trials in der Angeles, i never saw ns defendant con more sex appeal than ricardo Ramirez," claimed KTTV reporter, Tony Valdez, in los series.

richard Ramirez pictured when on attempt (Credit: Netflix / Screenshot)

How did richard Ramirez die?

Ramirez was never executed. While he had actually been sentenced to dado in California's gas room on November 7th, 1989, he never made the to the chamber.

Instead, that went top top live el fin the rest of his 23 years on death row at smo Quentin estado Prison.

Ramirez died from complications of B-Cell lymphoma in dos mil trece after spending veintitres years on fatality row.

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He had likewise been impacted by chronic Hepatitis C famous infections, and substance abuse. Ramirez to be 53-years-old.