Tissot Prs 516 Powermatic 80

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You can return any unused y undamaged product purchase on ns us Tissot online Store within treinta days that receiving your item.

To make un return, you re welcome follow the instructions top top the espalda of your packing slip.

For an ext information, please testimonial our saturado regresar Policy y terms of Use. For any kind of additional regresar inquiries, please call Customer servicio at 1-866-462-0050.


In order to guarantee datos protection, us encrypt all datos relative come your purchase or her TISSOT account. TISSOT go not store any data relative to your payment.


Tissot US provides standard distribution on all orders inserted in ns United States. If you would choose to place an order internationally, you re welcome change ns website location through the country selector switch (on the top of the page).

We market complimentary traditional shipping on all reloj purchases. Shipping prices for strap purchases vary based upon geographical location.

Current shipping options include: Standard Shipping (UPS/DHL): Shipped via UPS or DHL. As soon as your stimulate ships, you will obtain your package dentro de approximately 2-3 company days. UPS access Point: Deliver and pick up her package from your nearest UPS accessibility Point. Every orders space processed and shipped between Monday-Friday. Once your bespeak processes and ships, you will certainly be notified by email with ns tracking number. You re welcome note, orders with strap adjustments might delay your order.

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Label "Swiss Made"

All Tissot watches space certified with ns "Swiss Made" top quality label, testimony the know-how, impeccable quality, perfect aesthetics and technical innovations.

International Warranty

All watches marketed on our website come with a dos year international warranty. COSC certified models benefit of a 3 year old warranty. Each acquisition is detailed with a date stamped international warranty card. For an ext information about warranty, click here.