Vin Diesel Và The Rock

It’s no secret that there’s bad blood between Vin Diesel & Dwayne Johnson. Now, one of the stars is giving an insight into the infamous feud.

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Vin Diesel and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson were co-stars who didn’t see eye-to-eye when they first worked on the Fast Five back in 2011.

The actors, who played Dominic Toretto and Luke Hobbs, respectively, had a feud on mix that spilled over into the public arena when Johnson, 49, called out an anonymous actor via social truyền thông media from the franchise’s set & many fans narrowed it down khổng lồ Diesel.

“It was a tough character lớn embody, the Hobbs character,” Diesel told Men’s Health of Johnson’s Hobbs, who was a government agent tasked with stopping Toretto and his car gang.


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The Bloodshot actor, 53, said he thinks their difference of opinion originated because Diesel was a tough producer.

“As a producer, khổng lồ say, ‘Okay, we’re going khổng lồ take Dwayne Johnson, who’s associated with wrestling, và we’re going lớn force this cinematic world, audience members, lớn regard his character as someone that they don’t know’ — Hobbs hits you lượt thích a ton of bricks,” Diesel explained.

“That’s something that I’m proud of, that aesthetic,” he continued. “That took a lot of work. We had lớn get there and sometimes, at that time, I could give a lot of tough love. Not Felliniesque, but I would vì chưng anything I’d have to do in order to get performances in anything I’m producing.”


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Diesel & Johnson worked together again on the franchise’s sixth, seventh và eighth films. Johnson also got his own spin-off movie, Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs và Shaw, alongside redeemed villain Deckard Shaw, played by Jason Statham.

“Some conduct themselves as stand up men & true professionals, while others don’t,” Johnson wrote back in 2016 in a since-deleted post. “The ones that don’t are too chicken s**t to do anything about it anyway. Candy a**es.”

To his credit, Diesel never went low và tried lớn preserve the “family” dynamic of the street racing franchise, telling USA Today in 2017: “I don’t think the world really realises how close we are, in a weird way. I think some things may be blown out of proportion. I don’t think that was his intention. I know he appreciates how much I work this franchise. In my house, he’s Uncle Dwayne … It’s not always easy being an alpha. & it’s two alphas. Being an alpha is sometimes a pain in the (butt).”

Johnson also walked back his iiwallpapers.comments. “Just like, in life, you have different philosophies và people have different fundamental philosophies on how you vì chưng things,” he told Entertainment Tonight in 2017. “And again, the most important thing is just the movie.”

This article originally appeared on Fox and was reproduced with permission.

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