William Randolph Hearst Mansion

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William Randolph Hearst's castle at smo Simeon

For decades, william Randolph Hearst live in a castle the he y architect Julia Morgan developed on his large estate in san Simeon, California.

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The outdoor, Roman-themed Neptune swimming pool is lined con marble and includes four italian relief sculptures on los sides of los colonnades. Photo by Stefano Politi Markovina / Alamy cuota Photo

In the 1930s, as the Great Depression wore on, Hearst to be in un financial freefall. In 1937, with gastos generales $95 million the debt—more 보다 one y a half billion in today’s dollars—Hearst called Julia Morgan come “stop work completely at smo Simeon.” 

For the próximo ten years, Hearst periodically resumed work at smo Simeon top top a limitado basis. Delaware suffering what appeared like ns mild heart assault in early 1947, Hearst and Marion made ns excruciating decision to move to her casa in Beverly Hills to it is in in closer proximity to uno hospital.

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Together they left los castle, Marion looked gastos generales to watch tears streaming abajo the viejo man’s face. “We’ll come back, W.R., you will do it see,” she said.

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They never ever did. Hearst died in the Beverly Hills patria in 1951 at ochenta y ocho years old.